Zeroshift seamless-shift manual gearbox

Zeroshift seamless-shift manual gearbox

British company Zeroshift is developing a revolutionary new transmission that promises to offer faster gearshifts than a dual clutch transmission, which is already blistering quick at eight millisecond shifts, but is also more fuel efficient, lighter and cheaper too.

The key is the Zeroshift’s ability to complete seamless instantaneous gear changes without interrupting the engine torque to the wheels.

According to its maker, Zeroshift is a simple torque hand-over from one gear to another, governed electronically by a low force automated system. Two drive rings with alternating faces share a common hub and allow drive in one or the other direction; one ring takes up drive, the other eliminates the backlash that is common in dog shift transmissions.

When conducting a Zeroshift, the unloaded ring is moved with considerably less force to that of existing transmissions. Engine synchronization is conditioned by a control system to ensure a seamless torque transition.

And the performance has already been seen in independent tests, and in motorsports--MotoGP in particular. Additionally, in a drag race performed by the company, a 2005 Ford Mustang fitted with Zeroshift gained over five car lengths over an otherwise identical manual car.

The performance gain is achieved primarily due to the complete removal of shift time normally associated with a synchromesh manual.

The best part is that Zeroshift essentially acts as a replacement for the synchromesh in a standard manual transmission, which means that it can be retrofitted to most cars, motorbikes, or even buses,  without any major modifications. In fact, its first application will be the upcoming Joss JP1 supercar currently being developed in Australia.

For more information on this advanced transmission technology, click here to visit Zeroshift’s website.