When Lincoln revealed it would use comedian Jimmy Fallon to write the script for its upcoming Super Bowl ad, based on Twitter submissions about epic road trips from fans, we’ll admit that our first thought was “this isn’t going to end well.”

Lincoln, after all, has been hyping style over substance lately, and it even got busted trying to pad performance numbers by mounting up a set of non-stock (i.e., very sticky) tires during a recent MKZ road test. Could Jimmy Fallon really “Steer The Script” in a way that would incite viewers to visit Lincoln showrooms?

Ultimately, we’ll find out on Sunday, but clips from the campaign show adventures with rogue llamas, hitchhiking German students, checkers-playing bikers and movie-set catered food.

There’s a semi-all-star cast in the spot, too, including NFL great Emmitt Smith, hip-hop star Rev Run and actor Wil Wheaton, best known to Star Trek Next Generation fans as Wesley Crusher.

Just in case the “Steer The Script” piece doesn’t work like Lincoln thinks it will, the brand will air a second spot, dubbed “Phoenix,” which depicts the Lincoln MKZ rising from the flames of a Lincoln Town Car.

What’s your take on all this? Is Lincoln on track with its advertising, or should Ford’s luxury brand focus more of content and less on concept? Will “Steer The Script” be the surprise hit of this year’s Super Bowl advertising, or will it just leave viewers wondering what llamas have to do with Lincolns?