With Super Bowl XLVII now less than two weeks away, automakers are frantically teasing their ad spots for the big game. We know that Mercedes Benz will have model Kate Upton hosting a tutorial on car washing, while VW takes a simpler approach to tell consumers “why VW.”

Luxury brand Lincoln is taking a more unconventional approach, using comedian Jimmy Fallon to write a script rolling up fans Twitter comments on the Lincoln brand. Will it work? We’re skeptical, but we’ll find out soon enough.

Even Hyundai is going long this year, airing five a total of five ads in the pre-game, in-game and post-game festivities. Four of the five spots are new, featuring Hyundai vehicles as the lovable sidekick in real world adventures. We doubt there are any sweaty supermodels in the Hyundai spots, though.

Toyota seems to be going in between these extremes this year, with an ad spot that features Kaley Cuoco (from CBS’ “The Big Bang Theory”). We’re not quite sure what’s up with the ad, but there’s a lot of purple in it and she seems to be granting wishes.

What’s out takeaway from the thirty-second teaser video? First, that there definitely is such a thing as too much purple, even on Kaley Cuoco, and second, that people wish for some really bizarre things, which makes us glad we can’t read minds. Or grant wishes, for that matter.