America’s South Side Performance, based in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has released for the first time a new tuning kit for the R35 Nissan GT-R supercar, which the company claims is capable of delivering 820hp (612kW) at the crankshaft. The new kit is based around a custom turbocharger upgrade that exhibits greater efficiency and faster spooling than the stock set-up. This efficiency means that owners will be able to run lower boost than the stock GT-R yet still achieve more power.

South Side Performance has chosen a pair of bolt-on Garrett ball bearing turbochargers for its kit. They require only one line to be changed and can be properly installed with basic tools and equipment.

The turbos were specifically designed to bring bigger power at lower boost and to utilize the fastest spooling compressors available for the size and application. The result is a turbo that makes more power at stock boost levels and starts making boost at lower RPM's than in the standard GT-R. The end result is more output lower in the power band.

The kit retails for $6,499 but requires owners to exchange their stock turbos. The price includes machining each of the stock turbos and installation of an upgraded actuator, 53.8mm turbine wheel, and 68mm high pressure billet aluminum compressor wheel which is efficient up to 32psi. The whole process takes about a week.