The number of high-end performance tuning coming out of Florida appears to have no bound, with Miami’s 360 Forged being the latest to join a growing list that includes the likes Renntech and Mosler Automotive just to name a few. Unlike some of the more established firms, 360 Forged is focused on the design and manufacture of low-volume wheel packages.

Its latest kit is the Straight 5ive Carbon 20in wheels designed for the Ferrari F430 supercar. The wheels measure 8.5in across up front and up to 13in across in the rear and have had been in development for almost two years.

The wheel design features a forged aluminum outer shell with titanium reverse fasteners and a carbon-fiber cross section. Other dimensions are available, including 19 and 22in sizes. The particular unit designed for the F430 includes a gloss black lip with a Ferrari red stripe.

Other modifications to the car include the addition of a Gruppe M carbon-fiber intake system, a RennSport One and EvoMS ECU tune, a Novitec high-flow exhaust system with the catalytic converter removed, a Hamann lower lip and new H&R coilover springs.
Via: Exotics and Luxury