In the same week Aston Martin turned 100, news that the historic British automaker is seeking a technical partner has emerged.

While Aston Martin has been rumored to be in talks with several firms over technology sharing for years, one of its key investors has now confirmed it.

Speaking with Bloomberg, Andrea Bonomi, the chairman of Investindustrial, which recently purchased 37.5 percent of Aston Martin and has close links to AMG, said talks were taking place between the automaker and a number of firms, one of which was Mercedes-Benz's parent company, Daimler.

Bonomi went on to reveal that an agreement could be made within the next two months, and that Investindustrial was willing to commit up to 10 years in turning around Aston Martin’s fortunes.  

Aston Martin itself has committed to spending half a billion pounds ($800 million) in new product and technology programs over the next five years. However, this won’t be enough to invest in much-needed engine and electrical technology the automaker needs to compete with rivals such as Bentley, Ferrari and Porsche.

All of its rivals are in the fortunate position to have backing from much larger parent companies whereas Aston Martin is still largely independent.

In a separate interview, Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche revealed to Autocar that his company was open to the idea of working with Aston Martin in the future.

Daimler, of course, at one point was going to co-develop a new Maybach sedan with Aston Martin, which was looking to launch its own flagship sedan under the Lagonda brand. The controversial Lagonda SUV concept unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show was also built on a Mercedes-Benz GL platform.

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