Bugatti has extended the order for its Veyron supercar’s unique seven-speed dual-clutch transmission through to the end of 2014.

This adds another year of production for the transmission, which previously was ordered by Bugatti only until the end of 2013.

This also raises the important question of where exactly the additional transmissions will be ending up.

As of January, 2012, when the last order was made, Bugatti still had 105 build slots for its Veyron Grand Sport. All 300 Veyron coupes, including the limited edition Veyron Super Sport models, have been accounted for.

It’s possible sales of the open-top Veyron Grand Sport have been slower than Bugatti expected, though the additional transmissions could be used for the rumored ‘Super’ Veyron, which will reportedly make its debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show in September.

Interestingly, Bugatti just last month promoted its former quality assurance chief Christophe Piochon to the new role of director of its Molsheim plant in France. Piochon replaces Fred Schulemann, who returns to his former post at Audi.

As for the transmission itself, the unit has been designed to withstand forces in excess of 1,200 horsepower and 1,106 pound-feet of torque. It is used exclusively in the Veyron and is the result of a longstanding development and manufacturing collaboration between Bugatti and Ricardo.

The gearbox offers full automatic or manual modes, the latter using magnesium paddles located behind the steering wheel, and its shift times are less than 150 milliseconds. Replacing one will set you back more than $120,000, before adding installation, testing and delivery fees.