Martin Brundle is perhaps best known for his two stints in Formula One (1984-89, 1992-96), but the British racing driver has also completed in the 24 Hours of Le Mans eight times, winning the event in 1990 with co-drivers Price Cobb and John Nielsen.

Christian Danner has raced in IndyCar and CART, Formula Two, Formula 3000 and Formula One, before moving on to do F1 commentary for RTL in Germany. His resume also includes competition in the International Touring Car Championship and in the short-lived Grand Prix Masters series.

Justin Bell is a perennial favorite of ours, as the sports car and Tran-Am star has a wicked sense of humor and seems capable of driving anything with wheels at the limit (a skill likely inherited from his father, Derek Bell).

In short, these are three drivers that you really want to impress when you attempt to build a new sports car from the ground up. Jaguar seems to have done just that, as all three heaped praise on the F-Type during a recent drive on the Snetterton 300 circuit.

Even in the cold and wet, all complimented the F-Type on its stable handling. Danner called it “a pretty perfect combination of agility and pure power,” while Brundle commented that “the nose goes in really well,”  meaning the car isn’t prone to excessive understeer.

While the expert consensus is that the F Type is both agile and precise, with plenty of power on tap, all agreed that it sounds damn good, too. We can’t sum that up any better than Justin Bell, who said, “you know a car’s good when you smile when you just hear the noise.”

The F-Type makes us smile in that regard, too, and we can’t wait to get behind the wheel of one.