As anyone who’s driven Audi’s S6 and S7 models will tell you, the cars are distinctly different in personality, which helps Audi build a business case for both in the U.S. product line. If there’s room for an A6, an A7, an S6 and an S7, surely there's room for an RS 6 and RS 7, too, right?

Not necessarily. Motor Trend reports that the U.S. will be getting the RS 7 Sportback, which will come to market with an updated version of Audi’s 4.0-liter, twin-turbo V-8 (currently used in the S8 sedan). As for the “when” part, it won’t be in the immediate future; in fact, the car may not show up here until mid-2014.

Why no RS 6? The answer seems to come from Car Magazine. Audi is definitely building an RS 6 Avant station wagon, but that won’t be seen on these shores thanks to the gospel according to German automakers: Americans don’t buy wagons, especially not hot-rod wagons.

In fact, word is that Audi won’t even produce the RS 6 in a sedan version, since it would be too limited in demand. That leaves American Audi fans with the option of the RS 7 four-door coupe, the TT RS coupe, the RS 5 coupe, or a newcomer to the market, the RS 5 Cabriolet, which has reportedly been confirmed for U.S. sales.

There may be one more offering bound for these shores, too. In a recent teaser, Audi showed four new RS models launching (in Europe) in 2013. The RS 5 Cabriolet is clearly visible, and we can tell its parked next to an RS 6 Avant. Next in line is the previously-described RS 7, which leaves one mysterious SUV-shaped RS model still hidden.

Best guess is that it’s an RS version of either the Q3 or Q5 crossover, which Audi would almost certainly bring to the United States. If the first rule of German marketing is “Americans hate wagons and hatchbacks,” the second is “Americans love crossovers.”

Stay tuned for more clarification on Audi’s future RS product line in the coming months.