General Motors together with its Chinese partners SAIC, Shanghai GM and PATAC has opened the biggest proving ground in China, reaffirming the American automaker’s commitment to the country and the localized development of new vehicles. The new facility is located in Guangde County, in China’s Anhui Province, and covers an area of 2.18 square miles.

Within this, there are over 37 miles of various test roads, which GM says simulates up to 67 different types of driving conditions. Due to its scale, engineers are also able to simultaneously test as much as 140 vehicles.

To simulate different driving conditions, the proving ground contains eight specific test areas: an oval track, vehicle dynamics test area, long straightaway, ride and handling loop, noise test road, durability test area, corrosion test area and hill test area. In addition, it has 247,569 square feet of auxiliary space for labs, repair facilities and private workshops.

Some of the specific tests to be carried out at the facility will include development, validation, certification, quality control evaluation, load data collection and analysis for vehicles less than 7.5 tons. In its first year of operation, more than 12 million miles of testing are expected to be conducted.

The total cost of the facility was $253 million.