While we here at High Gear Media generally adhere to a strict “no mime videos” policy, on occasion we’re forced to make an exception to this rule. Such is the case with a new series of videos from Subaru that focus on explaining the automaker’s core technologies.

As any Subaru owner will tell you, there’s something about the cars built by Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru’s parent) that’s just a bit different than the norm. Perhaps its their long-term use of the boxer (horizontally opposed) engine design, or their focus on all-wheel-drive (now standard on every model except the BRZ sport coupe).

Subaru also seems to be more willing than most to trickle down lessons learned from racing into production cars, and most Subaru models (even those without sporting intentions) handle remarkably well given their modest pricing and market positioning.

In a series of four videos (five, counting the overview) Subaru explains the core technologies that go into every Subaru produced, including a low center-of-gravity boxer engine, traction-enhancing symmetrical all-wheel-drive (BRZ excluded), dynamic chassis control and a ring-shaped reinforcement frame for added safety.

As Subaru moves to the future and begins implementing its “Motion-V” product plan (which includes both new models and new technologies), it seems clear to us that all upcoming models will build from these four core technologies. For a full explanation (sadly, complete with mimes), check out the videos below.