Business plans are often little more than optimistic future-oriented language wrapping stuff we already know in a new gloss, and most of Subaru's "Motion-V" plan is no different--but there are a few nuggets of prime info nestled in its predictable prose. The best? Three new models, plus a hybrid.

Due to awkward and imprecise phrasing, it's not clear that all four new cars will come in 2013 or if it will be the hybrid that comes then, with the other three models spread over the coming few years. Whatever the timing, however, there's little other information on the cars.

The hybrid model could draw on the Hybrid Tourer Concept, however, or at least some of the ideas that make up its highly conceptual design. Power for the Hybrid Tourer comes from a 2.0-liter boxer four-cylinder mated to a CVT and a pair of hybrid electric motors, one for each axle, meaning it is all-wheel drive, though under certain conditions, it can use just the front wheels or just the rear wheels as best suits performance and efficiency.

Also announced in the Motion-V plan is an expansion of the EyeSight system. EyeSight is a stereo camera driver assistance system with pre-collision control and vehicle-to-vehicle/road-to-vehicle communications.