While owning a real military vehicle brings with it as many complications as compliments, owning a piece of movie quasi-history might help make up for some of the trouble you're sure to incur with this M998 HMMWV, or, as it's more commonly known, the Humvee--the "real" Hummer. No weak-kneed civilian gear here.

You certainly can't argue with the price right now--with just one bid on it, the price is at $2,500 with no apparent reserve, despite having already passed under Hooniverse's watchful eye. Even considering this is a 1986 AMG General Humvee that was used by the military until 1999, then likely abused by undisclosed parties for possibly illegal purposes for the ensuing 12 years before getting a supporting role in The Avengers, it's a killer deal. At least until the deep-pocket bidders find it.

So what do you get should you win this auction? A running Humvee with a 6.2-liter diesel engine, in generally good working order. It's sold as-is, however, so any problems you find after delivery are yours alone. Also, this isn't the only Avengers Humvee: there were four others with S.H.I.E.L.D colors used in the movie. It's also not quite as sleek as some other Avengers movie cars.

For $2,500, though, you could just forget about the movie tie-in and pretend you're Arnie back in the golden days before $5 gas and high-def video.