If you have a lust for a classic Shelby Mustang convertible, but lack the large bank account generally necessary to purchase one, conversion specialist Retrobuilt may have the ideal solution for you.

Give them your 2005 and later Mustang convertible, hand them a check for the amount of work you want done and Retrobuilt will construct a replica of a 1969 Shelby GT500CS for you, down to the officially-licensed Shelby logos and badges.

Per Mustangs Daily, the basic package includes new fiberglass body panels, chrome trim, new HID headlights, Shelby-style taillights, vinyl striping and a Shelby wheel package. To give you an idea of how much work goes into the conversion, the doors are the only body panels left unchanged.

If you want more performance, Retrobuilt is happy to install a supercharger kit, rework your suspension for flatter cornering and upgrade your binders to a Baer braking system.

In our opinion, the late 1960s Shelby Mustangs weren’t among the most attractive ever penned, and the Retrobuilt kit seems to create some odd proportions on the newer Mustang platform. Blame that on the difference in dimensions between the 1969 Mustang and the current car, not on Retrobuilt.

The car may not be to our tastes, but this much is certain: it’s not likely you’ll encounter another one at your local Cars and Coffee, which makes it worth the price of admission to some.