We first told you about the Houston Half Mile last March, when the event was previewed by tuner John Hennessey and NFL star Mario Williams. Run on the 8,000 foot long concrete runway of Ellington Airport, the Houston Half Mile seemed to be an ideal event for those with fast cars and the need for speed.

It certainly was an ideal event for top speed run veterans, as Sean Kennedy drove Mark Heidaker’s twin-turbo Ford GT to a new half-mile speed record. Last March, Kennedy hit a top speed of 257.7 mph in the standing mile at the Texas Mile, cracking the 204 mph mark at the half mile.

Last weekend, conditions were favorable enough for Kennedy to run 212.9 mph in the half mile, good enough for a spot in the record books. It sounds like the team is on pace to hit its previously stated goal of topping 260 mph in the standing mile, but we won’t know for sure until October’s Texas Mile event.

Heidaker’s Ford GT reportedly packs around 2,000 horsepower, courtesy of an Accufab Racing V-8, force fed by a pair of Precision Turbochargers. Tuning was handled by Shane Tecklenburg, and Hennessey Performance Engineering also had a hand in the car’s two record runs.

Will 213 mph in the half mile translate to 260 mph in the mile? We’ll know for sure in October, conditions permitting.