We’ll warn you in advance that the video below is NSFW, courtesy of a pair of bared female buttocks about seven seconds in. It’s tasteful nudity, but if that kind of stuff offends you, it’s probably best if you just skip this video. While this commercial wouldn't even get a second glance in Europe, there's no way it would make it past censors for U.S. television.

We’re not easily offended, and we think the ad is a brilliantly executed pitch for BMW’s lane departure warning system. We’ve all been there, although sometimes our minds wander to the Nürburgring (and Sabine Schmitz) instead of a beach resort.

Lane departure warning is an option (part of the $1,100 Driver Assistance Package) on all 2012 BMW 3 Series models. Unlike options from other manufacturers (Infiniti, for example), BMW’s lane departure system only issues a visual and tactile warning to the driver, it doesn’t apply steering input to return you to the center of your lane.

Still, that’s enough to help combat inattentive driving, and we couldn’t come up with a better way to depict this visually if we tried. Maybe that’s why we’re automotive journalists and not ad pitchmen.