In the NSFW video you're about to see, a duo of highly excitable and vocal young men narrate the travel of a fleet of super- and sports cars through New Jersey at speeds that are, at times, simply too fast for their poor Mitsubishi Evolution 8--even though speeds only appear to be around 100 mph.

In between the exclamations, you'll see such choice cars as Ferrari Californias, Ferrari 575s, Ferrari 599s, Porsche 911 GT3s, Ford GTs, Maserati Quattroportes, and more. And you'll hear such choice gems as "This is the highlight of my life!," "We can't keep up!," "He's gonna kill you!" and much more in the video as posted by

We're not sure of the circumstances of this passel of promenading supercars, but whatever it is, it provides these guys one hell of a time.

While we won't call it brilliant, we won't not call it brilliant either. It is, as noted, very NSFW, so don't watch this with the boss--or the kids--nearby.