For the second year in a row, Audi is the luxury manufacturer with the highest number of vehicles on the Strategic Vision Total Value Index, which recognizes models for their overall value. Factoring in to the equation are variables such as warranty coverage, technical innovation, standard equipment and even fuel economy.

Strategic Vision claims that its Total Value Index survey paints a more accurate picture of what owners really think of new vehicles purchased. By asking targeted and in-depth questions, the company gathers valuable data on both consumers and market trends, and its report is based on the responses of over 68,000 new car buyers.

Audi took top honors in the Luxury Car segment with its A8 sedan, and nearly tied the Porsche Cayenne for top place in the Luxury Utility segment with its Q7 crossover. Acura fared well with its underselling-but-beloved-by-buyers TSX Sport Wagon, which earned first place in the Luxury Multi-Function Category.

In Near-Luxury classes, Cadillac’s CTS Sedan edged out Lincoln’s MKZ Hybrid for first place in the Near-Luxury Car class, while the Volvo XC60 won the Near-Luxury Utility segment. Surprisingly, Volvo’s aging C70 convertible scored nearly as well as the BMW Z4 roadster in the Premium Convertible Coupe segment.

Overall, Volkswagen was named as the best brand for total value, followed by Hyundai and Ford. A significant trend for 2011 was the rise of alternative-fueled-vehicles, with four hybrids or electric cars leading their respective categories for the first time in Strategic Vision survey history.

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Segment Winner(s) TVI Score
Small Car Honda Civic Hybrid 812
Small Multi-Function Nissan Leaf 807
Mid-Size Car Chevrolet Volt 836
Mid-Size Multi-Function Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen 761
Large Car Volkswagen CC 798
Near-Luxury Car Cadillac CTS Sedan
Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
Luxury Multi-Function Acura TSX Wagon 802
Luxury Car Audi A8 Sedan 816
Specialty Coupe MINI Cooper Hardtop 826
Premium Coupe Chevrolet Corvette Coupe
Cadillac CTS Coupe
Mid-Specialty Honda Accord Coupe 798
Convertible Ford Mustang Convertible 795
Premium Convertible Coupe BMW Z4
Volvo C70
Standard Pickup Honda Ridgeline 693
Full-Size Pickup Ford F-150 787
Heavy-Duty Pickup Ford F-250/350 733
Minivan Honda Odyssey 734
Entry Utility Hyundai Tucson 757
Mid-Size Crossover Utility Ford Flex 763
Mid-Size Traditional Utility Dodge Durango 761
Large Utility GMC Yukon 755
Near-Luxury Utility Volvo XC60 781
Luxury Utility Porsche Cayenne
Audi Q7