The problem with running a car in demolition derby competition is that it costs money. Even junkers aren’t free, and by the time you add in the cost of required safety equipment and recommended modifications, you’re talking about a serious hit to your bank account.

Then there’s the cost of getting your car to the venue, which generally requires some sort of tow rig. If nothing goes wrong, we suppose you can earn money by being the last car standing, but if something does go awry you can likely add hospital bills to the list of growing expenses.

Enter DiRT Showdown, the latest franchise in the DiRT video game series. It offers players three competitive modes, starting with full-contact racing filled with obstacles, jumps, pinch points and general nitrous-enhanced mayhem.

Then there’s the aforementioned demolition derby events, which really show off what developer Codemasters calls “gaming’s most advanced vehicle damage engine.” The video above gives you a good idea of what to expect in this mode, complete with sparks, flying parts and cheering crowds.

Those cheering crowds really come into play in the game’s third mode, Hoonigan, which lets you channel your inner Ken Block. Competing head to head with friends, players rack up points in the stunt park for executing tricks that outshine other players.

We doubt you get bonus points for releasing a shoe ad disguised as a stunt video, or repeatedly stacking WRC cars, but we could be wrong. Look for DiRT Showdown to hit stores in Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC versions this May. Want more information? Head over to Codemasters' dedicated game site.