Love him or hate him, there’s no denying the fact that Ken Block is a savvy businessman and a marketing juggernaut. His videos help sell everything from energy drinks through radio-controlled cars, and it’s fair to say that Block all but invented the market for hats with flat and near-comically-oversized brims.

Given the fact that he’s a successful (i.e., fabulously wealthy) entrepreneur, video star and pro rally driver, you’d think that Block would have an ego the size of Cleveland. He might, since we don’t know him personally, but he’s not above poking fun at himself in the latest Monster World Rally Team video.

Block is portrayed by actor and comedian Nick Swardson, while Block plays the role of the interviewer (with the help of a voice over from Ron Zaras). He isn’t really branching out into vegetables and bow ties, but he is running a full Global Rallycross season, three World Rally Championship events, four North American rallies and the summer ESPN X Games.

He’s also got a five-stop Gymkhana World Tour planned, in support of the upcoming Gymkhana Five infomercial. If you’re guessing Block will be as unavoidable in 2012 as he was in 2011, we’d say you’re probably correct.