The last we'd heard on the development of the 2015 Ford Focus RS, it wasn't even an officially approved production project, though it was in tentative development. Now news comes that the project has been shelved--at least temporarily--in favor of other tasks.

That's perhaps disturbing news to American Focus RS fans, as this generation's model is the first we were (and may still be) likely to see, now that Ford has unified its Focus on a single global platform. Sure, the Focus ST is well on its way, but many of us would like to see the Blue Oval bring the real heat.

So what's Ford working on if it's not working on the RS? The launches the Focus ST, Escape/Kuga, and the Focus electric, reports Car Advice. All worthy, worthwhile, and certainly higher-volume, higher-profit cars than the RS. It makes sense.

While we wait for Ford to get back to the RS, think about its potential: even though it's still aimed at keeping its front-drive layout instead of going to all-wheel drive, it'll have "at least 320 horsepower," according to a report from Top Gear; it will use a 2.3-liter direct-injected turbo four-cylinder (sound like the Mazdaspeed3?); and it will have advanced electronic torque-steer correction. Or so we're led to believe, anyway. The previously-rumored hybrid/all-wheel-drive system is looking less likely.

Yes, 2015 is a fair distance off yet, and and given that the underlying vehicle is already developed, it's largely a matter of tuning the powertrain and suspension, as well as designing some unique exterior and interior bits--something that could be done in two years or less, especially since some work was already done before the current pause.

We just hope Ford doesn't forget about the RS as it sits on the shelf.