“Hybrid,” “crossover” and “sport” aren’t generally words we use in the same sentence, but then again there aren’t many vehicles like Lexus’ newly revealed RX 450h F-Sport. Lexus’ latest crossover is trying to cover all bases by appealing to buyers who need a crossover, but don’t want to sacrifice fuel economy or handling.

All 2013 Lexus RX models get the now-familiar “spindle” grille, as seen on the revamped GS 350. The F-Sport variant of the Lexus 450h gets a more aggressive front end treatment, complete with black chrome trim and additional air intakes.

Power for F-Sport models is expected to come from the same drivetrain used in base RX 450h models. Buyers get a 3.5-liter V-6 good for 245 horsepower, combined with an electric motors and nickel-metal-hydride battery pack that adds up to another 50 horsepower, for a total combined output of 295 hp.

F-Sport models will get 19-inch wheels with a “Superchrome” finish, but there’s no word yet on what changes Lexus will make to the F-Sport’s suspension. Previous F-Sport models we’ve driven (like the IS 250 F-Sport) have been too stiffly sprung for a daily driver, so we suspect that Lexus will tone down the F-Sport suspension for RX duty.

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