Dartz, our favorite manufacturer of armored vehicles, is back with another over-the-top version of its trademark Prombron SUV, this time designed and built exclusively for the Chinese market.

The new SUV is the Dartz Prombron Black.Dragon ‘pullman-saloon’, which is aimed at those well-heeled Chinese buyers that prefer to be chauffeured rather than drive themselves.

Built to commemorate the Chinese Year of the Dragon, just like the Year of the Dragon Phantom from Rolls-Royce, it comes with a number of dragon motifs, many made from diamonds, rubies, and gold.

The vehicle is also longer than your typical Prombron, having gained an additional 23 inches in length to provide more legroom in the back, and it now has a unique 3+1 door configuration for easier access to the cabin. Other goodies include satellite television, full WiFi, a 42-inch LCD monitor, and electrochromic glass for privacy when you want it.

If you happen to live in China and are interested in the vehicle, you’ll have to have several million dollars in the bank as Dartz is predicting it will cost more than $7 million. Not surprisingly, only 12 are scheduled for production, though we’d be surprised if all of these are snapped up.