Lotus' rebirth as a more luxurious, less lightness-focused company is well underway, and it will get a bit farther along come March's Geneva Motor Show. It looks like a convertible may be in the offing.

While we can't be sure--Lotus's release is cryptic at best--all of the indicators point toward a drop-top version of one of its cars. We're putting our money on the Evora, since it's basically the only real car still in the company's global sales lineup, though a concept of one of the upcoming Lotus models due over the next few years is also possible.

With images of a hat-pattern sunburned bald man, a bikini top, and sunscreen, the message is pretty clear: sun is in the plan. The best way to get sun into a car is to take off the top--or, as Lotus puts it, "blow the roof off."

Also included in the teaser release are the following hints: "Something breezy, something loud, something ice-cold, and some other interesting elements."

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We have just under a month left until we'll all know for sure--and you can find the news as it happens, with live photos and videos straight from the Geneva Motor Show floor.