Last year wasn’t just the launch year for the MP4-12C supercar, but for a new car company, with its past and future rooted in motorsport and with technological innovation, manufacturing skill, and British heritage at its core.

That new company is McLaren Automotive, the retail offshoot of the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team and the company entrusted with the development of a successor for the legendary McLaren F1 supercar.

This new video gives us a look at the continuing evolution of McLaren and provides the company’s own vision for its future.

If you want to know where McLaren is headed, you only need to take heed of the description given by its chairman Ron Dennis: “We set out to build a world leading automotive business, manufacturing and marketing category-leading high performance vehicles.” 

Since its launch last year, McLaren has managed to start deliveries of its new MP4-12C as well as launch a network of 35 retailers in 18 countries that will be responsible for the sale and service of the MP4-12C and McLaren’s future range of sports cars.