In what’s sure to be both fulfilling and sad news for Saab fans all around the world, a Swedish law firm involved in the liquidation of Saab following last month’s bankruptcy announcement has posted for sale a list of more than 100 classic models belonging to the Saab Heritage Museum in Trollhattan, Sweden.

Interested buyers are required to send in written bids on the collection to the law firm Delphi, either as a whole or individually, via mail or fax by this Friday, January 20.

As the guys from Bring A Trailer point out, all the details are written in Swedish though there are plenty of images to help you identify some of the models up for sale.

It’s very rare for collection of cars such as this to come up for sale as usually many of the cars held in museum collections are already owned by private individuals. Saab fans now have the opportunity to own some of the rarest Saabs on the planet including the very first, hand-built 1946 Ursaab Prototype with chassis number Saab 92001. This prototype, which was first shown to the public in 1947, was used in road testing and is still in its original condition having never been restored.

Also up for grabs is the stunning 2006 Saab Aero-X Concept, 1985 Saab EV-1 experimental sports car, 1981 James Bond Saab 900 Turbo, a handful of Sonnets dating back to the 1950s, and even a still-born Subaru Tribeca-based 9-6X prototype.

Note, Saab’s latest concept, the Jason Castriotta-styled PhoeniX, isn’t part of the collection.

Hopefully, whoever ends up buying some or all of the cars will donate them to a museum where the public can continue to enjoy them.

Click here to view the full list in PDF form


Saab Aero X Concept

Saab Aero X Concept