Chevrolet desperately wants to capture the attention (and the purchase dollars) of Millennials, roughly those in the under-30 age bracket. The Code 130R Concept shown in the video above was one of two concepts designed with feedback from Millennial focus groups and revealed at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

As Joel Feder explains, the Code130R Concept uses a 1.4-liter, turbocharged four-cylinder engine borrowed from the Chevy Cruze and mated to a six-speed manual or six-speed automatic gearbox.

The Code 130R also benefits from GM’s eAssist hybrid drive system, which uses auto start-stop, regenerative braking and supplemental electric acceleration assist. Power goes to the rear wheels, giving the Code 130R a more sporting balance than its front-wheel-drive Tru 140S Concept rival.

Inside, the Code 130R is said to feature Chevy’s MyLink infotainment system, a heads-up display, WiFi access and Bluetooth connectivity. Since the interior of both concepts remains a work in progress, Chevrolet is only letting us see the exteriors at this time.

While it isn’t likely  that Chevy will build both, it is actively soliciting feedback from Detroit Auto Show attendees, and it will ship both concepts to Millennial-themed events throughout the year. We’d bet money that one of them will see production.