The phrase “run what you brung,” though grammatically incorrect, is often applied to drag racing. On a typical weekend night, there’s no telling what car you’ll be stacked up against in the opposite lane.

That looks to be the case in the video below, where the owner of a mildly tuned Nissan GT-R finds himself up against a Bugatti Veyron. The showdown, found on Drag Times via Autoweek, took place at a recent Palm Beach International Raceway event, where the Veyron owner was actually coaxed from the track’s road course to run against the GT-R in the quarter mile.

Perhaps the most amazing part of the video is what we didn’t see; the pass recorded is actually the second run for the Veyron, whose owner neglected to engage launch control on the first run. Even without the benefit of electronic aids, the Bugatti still managed a 12-second pass at 137 mph.

On the second pass, shown below, the Veyron’s owner used the car’s launch control, resulting in the 10.1 second, 139.4 mph run recorded for posterity.

We only have one question: how much money do you need to have before bracket racing your Bugatti Veyron seems like a good idea?