Over the years Audi designs have been transitioning from being rather staid to being much more dynamic and elegant. It’s no surprise that sales have also increased considerably over this time.

Responsible for many of the designs you see on Audi cars today are talented stylists such as Wolfgang Egger, who is now being recognized for his efforts by being promoted to the dual roles of Head of Audi Group Design as well as Head of Audi Brand Design.

He is currently Head of Audi Group Design only.

Egger, 48, will replace current Audi design boss Stefan Sielaff, who is to become Head of the Volkswagen Design Center in Potsdam, Germany, and Head of Interior Design for the entire Volkswagen Group.

Wolfgang Egger has been Head of Audi Group Design since April 2007, a role that comprises overall responsibility for the design of the Audi and Lamborghini brands as well as all products that bear the Audi brand logo.

In recent years, Audi Group Design has for example produced a large number of innovative design concepts in the automotive sphere, and has strategically redirected and repositioned the product design. Prior to joining Audi, Egger held a variety of posts including Head of Alfa Romeo Centro Stile and Head of Lancia Centro Stile.

One of his most recent creations was the Audi quattro concept car from 2010, which may point to the aggressive new look that will feature on future Audis.

He will start his new role on February 1, 2012.

2010 Audi quattro Concept

2010 Audi quattro Concept