In 1970, Dodge created a show car called the “Yellow Jacket.” Based on a 1970 Challenger Convertible, the car was painted in pearlescent Honey Gold and powered by a 426 cubic-inch Hemi V-8.

For this year’s Los Angeles Auto Show, Dodge is reviving the Yellow Jacket name and using it on a 2012 Challenger SRT8 392. Unlike the previous Yellow Jacket, which was only a one-off show car, the modern version will see limited production.

Starting with a 2012 Dodge Challenger SRT8 392, the Yellow Jacket gets Stinger Yellow paint, a black grille surround, black body-side striping with the Yellow Jacket logo and unique five-spoke, 20-inch wheels with black trim.

Inside, Yellow Jacket cars come with Stinger Yellow accented leather seats, an embroidered Yellow Jacket logo and silver interior stitching. The driver’s seat features lumbar support and seat position memory, and a heated steering wheel ensures four-season comfort.

Under the Yellow Jacket’s hood is Dodge’s 6.4-liter (392 cubic inch) Hemi V-8, good for 470 horsepower and 470 pound-feet of torque. That’s enough to propel the Challenger SRT8 392 from 0-60 mph in less than five seconds, with the quarter mile flashing by in the mid-to-high twelve second range.

The new Challenger SRT8 392 is capable of more than just straight-line speed, too. Despite its bulk, the adaptive suspension allows the Challenger to deliver up to .9 Gs of lateral acceleration in “Sport” mode, while still returning a comfortable ride in “Auto” mode.

A braking system enhanced by Chrysler’s SRT group ensures that the Challenger SRT8 392 can stop as well as it goes. Thanks to 14.2-inch rotors up front and 13.8-inch rotors out back, all fitted with four-piston calipers, the Challenger SRT8 392 can stop from 60 miles per hour in just 117 feet.

Automatic-transmission cars come with cylinder deactivation (Fuel Saver Technology, in Dodge-speak) that enables the Challenger SRT8 392 to return up to 23 mpg on the highway. Thanks to a tall sixth gear, manual transmission car achieve the same highway fuel economy rating (but don’t get cylinder deactivation).

Dodge hasn’t told us how many Yellow Jacket Challengers will be built, nor has it told us what the car will cost. Look for updates as part of our comprehensive 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show coverage, which you’ll find here.