If you really want to take on the Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 in a Ferrari, you'd be best waiting a year or two for the Ferrari 599 replacement to hit the market.

Despite Amedeo Felisa's denial that the Aventador's 700-hp rating had anything to do with Ferrari's plans, the next 599 will have an Aventador-rivaling V-12 packing 700+ horses.

We'd expect performance to be commensurate with the Aventador, though we're not necessarily counting on the 599 replacement to dip below three seconds in its 0-to-62 effort the way the Aventador does.

If you can't wait to buy a Ferrari and still want some bragging rights against the Aventador, you could buy a 599. Or a 458 Italia.

The stock 458 Italia may not be in the Aventador's league--more a natural competitor to the Gallardo, but this tuned 458 from Underground Racing gives the Aventador plenty of fight.

Underground Racing installed its Stage One twin-turbocharger, boosting the output of the 458's 4.5-liter V-8 from 562-hp to the magical 700. We already know that the 458 offers plenty of handling on the track, so that boost should be enough to compete with an Aventador. But is it?

Devote two and a half minutes of your time to watching the Aventador and 458 Italia Twin Turbo go head to head in the video below and find out.


According to the YouTube description, Underground will soon be offering twin-turbo systems for the Aventador itself. Look for a rematch sometime in the future.