The Subaru WRX hatchback is probably one of the best vehicles we can think of if you're running from hordes of the undead--but it's a curious choice for a marketing campaign given its lame-duck status thanks to the intro of the new Impreza.

The choice of the WRX as the go-anywhere, escaping-Zombies vehicle of choice in the company's lineup wasn't Subaru's, strictly speaking, as the video below was put together by Reed Street Productions to promote a Subaru-sponsored charity run, but it points up the fact that while we have a new Impreza tooling about, word on the future of the WRX and WRX STI remains absent.

That's led speculators to pose the idea that the WRX and its hotter STI variant will be split from the now Camry-esque Impreza range, perhaps carrying the 2011-refresh body forward for a few more years before either succumbing to a market that may not support its existence or rising full-fledged as its own line.

Whatever the outcome of that line of possibilities, however, we're glad Subaru made the 2011 model. It's one of the best performance values anywhere.