We’re not sure if someone was trying to save the world from the monstrosity that is the Gordon Murray-designed Batmobile, but it has just been revealed that the futuristic, eco-friendly car actually crashed during a dress rehearsal for the Batman Live World Arena Tour that opened in the UK earlier this week.

The car crashed onstage into the Bank of Gotham but a replacement car that was previously on display in Manchester, also in the UK, managed to be delivered in time for the opening on Tuesday.

The new Batman Live World Arena Tour, which will be traveling the globe for the next five years, including in the U.S. in August of next year, tells the story of Batman and how he came to team up with Robin.

As for the Batmobile, despite being designed by one of the key men behind the stunning McLaren F1 supercar, it looks as though it was thought up in an afternoon. The forward cabin and jet-inspired fuselage try to draw in some of the be-finned looks of the long-hooded classics, but ultimately fail to present anything even moderately bat-like.

You can read about the car and view a video of its unveiling in our previous story by clicking here.