It looks like Chevy may be planning an addition to our Forbidden Fruit tree in a couple of years: a fresh report out of Europe is talking about the arrival of a Chevy Cruze wagon in 2013. Europe already gets the hatchback version (as do several other global markets). So why do they get all the love?

Long-roof fans here in the U.S. are apparently an endangered species, that's why. Even hatchback lovers number fewer than necessary for many marques, though our numbers appear to be growing. Rumors of a Cruze wagon have been circulating since 2008.

If the Chevy Cruze wagon does come, it could make its debut at the 2012 Paris Motor Show before an early 2013 launch. Opel, GM's Germany-based European brand, isn't sweating the Cruze's arrival because it will retain more advanced engines.

A mid-cycle wagon addition for the Cruze might make sense in Europe, but it's almost certain to skip the U.S., as an all-new version of the Cruze is expected to come from the design desks at Holden around 2015.


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