It's the 5th of July. You're at work. Probably bored, and almost certainly hung over from the celebrations yesterday. If you're like us, you might be idly scanning the internet for something to do in your downtime.

Motor Authority comes to your rescue. We've done the legwork and found the best online car customizing sites on which to test your creative prowess.

Bus Selecta

We couldn't start a list about car customizing sites without looking at one of the most customizable cars out there - the aircooled Volkswagen. Bus Selecta lets you modify virtually any air-cooled Volkswagen Bug ('Bug Selecta'), Bus and Type 3 you can think of, as well as a few old Porsches if you're feeling flash. Choose your color, wheels and accessories and before you know it, you'll have a show-winning design. Now, if only you were building one for real...

H Modder

Import tuning more your thing? Hmodder is a small but comprehensive site that lets you tune old 1990s Honda Civics, a three door and a sedan. Color choice is limited but if body kits are your bag then you're in luck as there are dozens to choose from. Wheels are plentiful too and there are lots of details to select. It's all a bit 2003 but good fun nonetheless.


Perhaps you like your import tuning a little more Germanic? Audistylz is for you then. Even less choice of vehicles here with just an Audi A3 Sportback, but again there's a wide choice of wheels and bodystyling. If you want further VAG action, Dubmodder ( is well known and offers many vehicles to choose from, but does require subscription if you want to modify anything other than Mk6 Golfs.

Morgan 3 Wheeler

Probably our favorite customizing tool is for Morgan's "new" 3 Wheeler, the reimagining of a design that stems from the 1920s and 1930s. From such vintage roots the customizer is right up to date and very, very cool. Paint color is unlimited, there's leather in all different shades and there are dozens of decals to choose from. P51 Mustang color scheme? Yes please!

Smart BRABUS Tailor Made

Like the Volkswagen Bug, the Mini, the 32 Ford and many other vehicles, smart's fortwo seems born for customization. Being able to swop out the bodypanels helps, and the cheeky nature of the car seems to welcome personalized additions. Smart's UK site allows you to customize the BRABUS model through its Tailor Made program, though they clearly weren't counting on Motor Authority's ability to abuse the color palette. They probably wouldn't let us buy one like that anyway...

So, if work is the last place you want to be today, at least you can make it a little more bearable by allowing your creative juices to flow.


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