Saab's staved off bankruptcy a few times--just in the past year, in fact. Yesterday it was announced that a deal with Pang Da Automobile has been finalized, and that it's lined up funding for new models--but has it?

With China's government mute on the subject, we're thinking no. Saab has been put into this position before, being left at the altar many times by possible suitors. Then there's the bad example set by GM's HUMMER brand and Sichuan Tengzhong, which we still remember how to spell correctly.

For the latest moves, we're enlisting the grammar panda for help. We want you to tell us via Twitter, whether you think Pang Da is about to eat, shoot, and leave Saab.

Tweet us your response, and make sure to include the hashtag #SaabStory-- and you'll join the chorus right here via CoverItLive.