So you've left it until Saturday afternoon to figure out what you're going to get the man that raised you to show him thanks. We all get busy; it happens. Don't despair, this short list of last-minute presents should pass muster with any car guy.

  • Car care products. Beware, not all car care products are the same, and each car guy has his own personal preference. You grew up watching him take care of his personal fleet--you should know the brand. If you're feeling really ambitious, put them to good use and give him a shiny, fresh car for his Father's Day.
  • Maintenance gift certificates. No one likes paying top dollar for high-quality oil, but it's a must for a high-performance car. If he's the type of dad that would rather not get his hands dirty, a year's worth of free oil changes or tire rotations could be welcome for both him and his car.
  • A sweet pair of driving shoes. The right pair of shoes can turn a good drive into a great drive, and there are lots to choose from. Getting the right fit and style is key, so here's another place where a gift certificate would work well.
  • A nice card with some cash inside. It's easy, quick, and if he's into cars like we are, he could probably use it toward that upgrade he's been eying for months. Best of all, it's cash that's not under his wife's purview.
  • An awesome driver's watch. If you're not afraid to shell out some cash, there are a number of driving-themed and automaker-branded watches out there. You'll have to live in a big city with well-stocked jewelers to pull it off, but they make impressive gifts and cherished possessions.