1974 BMW 2002 Turbo powered by an M20 six-cylinder

1974 BMW 2002 Turbo powered by an M20 six-cylinder

BMW's 2002 is often taken as the benchmark for true Bimmerphiles. It's outdated in technology and performance, but there's a purity to its small dimensions and simple aesthetic that many refer back to in judging the cars since. This example, a 1974 2002 Turbo outfitted with an M20 six-cylinder naturally-aspirated engine, is a great example--or is it?

The comment thread on the Bring A Trailer post for the car ranges widely from approval to abhorrence. The purists deride the fitment of a six-cylinder, the pragmatists ask why the M20 was chosen of any number of other options, and the fans ask why anyone cares--it looks great!

We're of divided opinion ourselves here. On the one hand, keeping an original as true to its roots as possible has great appeal, especially with an icon like the 2002. On the other, we're tremendous fans of expedient improvements--and regularly perform them on our own cars.

Where do you stand? Is this a must-have, a travesty, or something between? Let us know below.

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