This no-holds-barred contest of raw material excess and skillful value-conscious performance yields no surprising results--the Veyron is far and away faster than the modified GT-R. But it's downright amazing on two levels: production value and sheer stupidity.

Exceeding 160 mph on multiple occasions, stopping multiple lanes of traffic on an open freeway, using a pedestrian starter with pedestrian observers standing on said freeway...the list could go on longer than the video does.

All of that said, it's probably the best-produced street racing video we've ever seen: (mostly) well shot, well-edited, and available in HD.

Check it out for yourself to see what sort of shine stupid can take when polished to its brightest. Oh, and don't miss the Veyron's active spoiler/air brake in action, either. Not something you'll see on the street very often.