2011 Hyundai Equus DUB Edition SEMA car final rendering

2011 Hyundai Equus DUB Edition SEMA car final rendering

Some people just can't get past the Hyundai badge, but the 2011 Equus is gunning for the top ranks of the luxury sedan segment--and it's not exactly short of ammo. Whatever you think of the Equus' chances, the DUB edition Equus for SEMA vaults it right into the German ranks with a murdered-out custom treatment that wouldn't look out of place on a 7-Series or S-Class.

We're not saying it would improve the looks of the 7-Series, S-Class, or Equus to most eyes, just that all of these high-end sedans have been subjected to similar treatment.

So what makes the DUB Edition Hyundai Equus different from the standard-issue car? It's not yet built, but the rendering hints at the planned mesh grille, dUB custom body kit, tinted windows and tail lights, and custom two-tone matte/gloss black/charcoal paint. Needlessly gigantic 24-inch alloy wheels sit at all four corners, wrapped in pricey Pirelli P Zero Nero rubber.

Inside, the Equus with get the full DUB audio treatment, plus a redesigned leather and suede upholstery setup and ambient lighting.

The DUB Edition Hyundai Equus will hit the SEMA show floor November 2.