It’s hard to imagine that one of the best looking Maybachs on the road today isn’t actually a Maybach but a custom mega-coupe designed and engineered by the guys at Germany’s Xenatec. Using a donor Maybach 57S as their blank canvas, Xenatec engineers convert the four-door sedan to a coupe using key information direct from Daimler, Maybach's parent company.

Styling of the car was completed by Fredrik Burchhardt, the same man that penned the infamous Maybach Exelero concept car, and dare we say the new Xenatec Coupe looks a whole lot better. 

The evolution from sedan to coupe involves major changes to bodywork and interior, but none to the drivetrain--and to the already impressive performance--of the Maybach 57S. The wheelbase is also left untouched but the rest of the car is essentially completely new, inside and out.

The B-pillar is moved back 8 inches, while the A- and C-pillars are reshaped to meet the coupe profile. The doors, side panels, bumpers, and front and rear fenders are all custom-made for the Xenatec Coupe. The rear fenders are 20 mm wider to allow for a bit more tire, while 20- or 21-inch wheels can be specified at all four corners. Customers can choose from a two-tone or single-color exterior paint finish.

A very limited number of the Xenatec Coupes will be built by hand in Germany for discerning clients worldwide, and if you’re interested you will have to fork up a princely sum of €675,000 (approximately $812,000) before taxes.

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