Red Bull Racing previews the new South Korean GP circuit

Red Bull Racing previews the new South Korean GP circuit

We've become familiar with Red Bull F1's excellent simulator-based previews of upcoming Grand Prix weekends, but this time, we get something special: a full CGI preview of a never-before-seen circuit: the International Circuit in South Korea.

Built specifically to hold an F1 race this season, the question of the circuit's approval was still in the air as the cars took to the track in Suzuka this past weekend. Today, Charlie Whiting, the FIA's Formula 1 race director and safety delegate, confirmed the circuit has been approved for the race.

The issue was incredibly close, however. The top layer of asphalt on the track is still curing, and a rainshower during the FIA's two-day inspection period threatened to put the track on ice for 2010.

Judging by the video, narrated by Mark Webber, the new venue should be exciting, staged on the water's edge. If the plans for the track come to fruition, an entire city center will be built up around the track, turning the circuit into more of a street event than a dedicated GP course. Whatever comes of it down the road, we'll get to see it in its current state in two weekends' time.

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