The Dodge Viper hardly needs any help turning heads. But for D'Ann Rauh, owner of what Dodge is billing as the "ultimate factory customized Viper," the huge fenders, long hood, and ferocious engine note weren't enough. So she had it painted gold, and added bronze racing stripes.

Rauh worked with the Dodge Design team to personalize the car, though the paintwork was done by House of Kolor. The stripes aren't just stripes, either--they have the layouts of "Viper-significant" race tracks airbrushed into them. The final stroke is a set of five-spoke forged aluminum wheels painted in dark graphite. The exterior isn't the only custom part of this Viper, though. The inside features custom leather work by Tony Spampinito of Venzano.

So who would go to such lengths to get a highly-customized factory version of the last of the Vipers? The Rauhs, based out of Arp, Texas, own the largest personal collection of Vipers in the world, with their garage numbering over 40 of the raucous reptiles.

The collector value of the unique 2010 Viper may be less than you'd expect, however, in 10 or 20 years time--Dodge says it has built more special-edition versions of the Viper for the 2010 model year than for all other years combined since the car started production in 1992.