Alfa Romeo 8C GTA limited edition

Alfa Romeo 8C GTA limited edition

Alfa Romeo already uses a modified version of the Maserati GranTurismo’s platform for its stunning 8C Competizione sports car but if a new report proves true we could be seeing several more rear-wheel drive Alfas riding on Maserati mechanicals.

Under the watchful eye of parent company Fiat and its assertive CEO Sergio Marchionne, Maserati and Alfa Romeo are reportedly developing a new rear-wheel drive platform that will eventually spawn the replacements for the Quattroporte and GranTurismo, as well as some high-end Alfa Romeo products.

According to an inside source, the new platform will make extensive use of lightweight aluminum and be capable of implementing a hybrid system Maserati is likely to borrow from Ferrari.

Alfa Romeo is likely to use the platform for a replacement for the 8C Competizione and its Spyder convertible variant. There’s even talk of a cheaper--though still expensive at an estimated $70,000--4C sports car being introduced, though the Maserati architecture may prove too expensive for this model.

No word on release dates but the first model spawned from the new platform is expected to be the replacement for the Maserati Quattroporte, which is at least two to three years away.

The story doesn’t end there as Alfa Romeo is also expected to borrow Chrysler’s rear-wheel drive LX platform from the next-generation 300 sedan for a replacement for its 166 sedan, which you can read up in more detail by clicking here.

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