The "chick's Ferrari" as it's derisively/adoringly called by various camps, will soon get a manual gearbox to supplement the dual-clutch unit that's currently the only option. A document leaked recently reveals that the car's performance specs will take a bit of a hit when swapping cogs yourself.

A hit of about two-tenths of a second to 62 mph, that is. The seven-speed automated dual-clutch in the California helps rocket the V-8-powered car to 62 mph in just under four seconds, while the six-speed manual will require nearly 4.2 seconds, according to the leaked document. Top speed remains unchanged, however, at 193 mph. Fuel economy is down a bit on the EU combined cycle as well, from 17.8 mpg with the dual-clutch to 15.8 with the manual.

While the manual is by definition not as sophisticated as the dual-clutch alternative, it's still a high-tech set of gears: double-cone synchros with multiple pawl asymmetric geometry, an oil bath lever and fork system, and rear-mounting to preserve the California's 47/53 front/rear weight distribution.

The manual gearbox California will be available this month in Europe, with the U.S. likely to join the party shortly after.

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