Audi R8 in Iron Man

Audi R8 in Iron Man

Every celeb worth her yoga mat is driving an Audi these days, so this bit of news should come as no surprise: today at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, Audi's VP of marketing, Scott Keogh, confirmed that the company will be a major product-placer in the upcoming Iron Man 2 film. Which means that we'll likely get to see the increasingly buff Robert Downey Junior and an equally buff German sports car being chased by every other star/starlet in Hollywood. (Seriously, look at that lineup. The only people missing are Steve Gutenberg and the famewhores from Jersey Shore. THANK JEEBUS.)

Anyway. Since the first Iron Man was pretty good, and Downey's I-might-be-sober-or-I-might-not vibe is even better, we're excited to see the two pair up once more. However, we do have a couple of questions Keogh & Company:

1)  We've seen Iron Man 2 spy shots of Downey in an Audi R8 convertible, which is pretty similar to the hardtop he drove last go-round. Is there a reason you skipped over E-Tron, and is it because you really believe that only idiots drive electric cars?

2) We know someone restarted the clock on Mickey Rourke's 15 minutes last year, but could you please expedite the ticking and the tocking? His face makes our face hurt.