Jaguar's transfer to new ownership last year had many, from customers to dealers to industry analysts, worried about what might come of it. But Tata Motors' ownership has so far proven reassuring in its commitment to the Jaguar brand. The latest word from Ratan Tata reaffirms the vision Tata has for Jaguar, and it looks like an attractive one.

The current economic recession has hit the globe hard in almost every sector--the car industry in particular finding it tough. Jaguar's position within the industry is similarly poor--though it has a plan for coming out the other side, and it includes a focus on a new roadster which many think will be called the XE.

The XE, previewed here in this latest computer-generated rendering, is expected to be available in both roadster and coupe bodystyles and will be targeting the Porsche Boxster and Cayman models primarily, although several Lotus models will also be in the XE’s crosshair.

According to latest reports, the XE will be available in 2013 and will be priced somewhere between the current Porsche Cayman and 911. It will feature an all-new aluminum platform that will eventually form the basis of the next-generation XK and XF. It will reportedly be a common aluminum matrix, housing the engine up front with drive sent to the rear wheels.

As for the XE’s powertrain, expect to see a gasoline V-6 used with both naturally-aspirated and supercharged versions available. Power will range from around 275 horsepower in the base model and run right up until 350 horsepower for the force-fed range-topper. Previous reports suggested that a hybrid variant may even be launched though the chances of this model are slim. Click here to check out our previous story.


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