Remember Mila Kunis? The hot brunette from That 70s Show? (Not that Laura Prepon was chopped liver, but still.) Apart from the weirdo fact that she's been dating Macaulay Culkin and that she's the voice of Meg Griffin on Family Guy (on those rare occasions that Meg puts in an appearance), we haven't heard much out of Ms. Kunis in recent years. Which makes her appearance in the painfully hip bi-monthly magazine BlackBook all the more perplexing. Enquiring minds want to know: is she boinking someone on staff? Has she been out so long that she's in again, like jumpsuits and shoulderpads? Or is Mila so sexy and sweet and friendly that any magazine on the planet would be elated to feature her in an interview and fashion spread? We're going to go with that last option for now, but it should be noted that we had a four martini lunch.

Slightly weirder than Kunis' appearance in BlackBook is that of a 2010 Chevrolet Camaro V6 RS, which Mila spends most of the photo shoot lying on/in. To our admittedly feeble minds, a magazine with high-end aspirations like BlackBook using a domestic auto is a little like Ang Lee casting Chris Kattan in a biopic of Albert Einstein Which is to say: not impossible, but somewhat unexpected.

That said, the 2010 Camaro is an awesome, well-curved looker on par with Ms. Kunis herself -- and really, who can argue with sexy? Or product placement dollars, for that matter?