Alex Rodriguez [via SocialiteLife]

Alex Rodriguez [via SocialiteLife]

So here's a shot of Alex Rodriguez, climbing into his convertible after a vigorous workout at the gym. And much like yesterday's Gwen Stefani post, there's a lot of fodder we could tap to caption it. We could even tap a "tapping" pun, but this is a family website. Or so they tell us. Anyway, here are our front-runners so far:

1. We could make a crack about Alex's girlfriend/fiancee, Kate Hudson, picking out the little black car to match her countless little black dresses. (Accurate, but obvious.)

2. We could surmise that A-Rod's a closet romantic, choosing a Mercedes-Benz CLK because it's an acronym for "the Cooler Loves Kate". (Clever, EXCEPT IT'S NOT A CLK, as we first posted, but a Porsche 911 convertible. Sadly, we're fallible.)

3. We could talk about the car's testosterone levels and wonder if they're artificially enhanced. (Ouch.)

4. We could also point out that the drop-top makes it totally easy to ditch a stash of HGH when you're pulled over for an autograph. (Also ouch, but also accurate.)

In the end, we're going to assume that A-Rod opted for the 911 in black because its reflective surface lets him check up on his real better half. (Oooooh, snapz!)