The idea of an exciting car coming out of the halls of the Toyota/Lexus complex is, for the most part, only a dim memory. The IS-F is a fun and entertaining car, but not truly high-performance--for more on why, read my review. But the new 2011 LF-A, with its 552-horsepower V-10 engine, 5.8-pounds-per-horsepower power-to-weight ratio and 48:52 front-to-rear weight balance hits all the right numbers.

It hits a lot of the right notes, too, as you'll hear in these videos, particularly the first, which features a fair bit of hard revving before the car's unveiling as it happened just a short while ago in Tokyo.

The second video shows off what appears to be an as-yet unreleased official promo for the car, likely one of the first made-for-TV advertisements that will preview the LF-A as it coasts through 2010 on pre-orders.

Assembly of the new LF-A supercar will start next December, with delivery taking place over the ensuing 24 months. Only 500 of the $375,000 cars will be built. The LF-A will make its U.S. debut next month at the 2009 SEMA tradeshow in Las Vegas, and then again at December's Los Angeles Auto Show, which is open to the public.

[Lexus and YouTube via Carscoop]

Official Live Tokyo Motor Show Unveiling of the 2011 Lexus LF-A supercar

Leaked 2011 Lexus LF-A Promo Video